Your Body on Coke – Do you really want to “Taste the Feeling”?

Coca-Cola sugar content for: 1 bottle 16.25 Tsp., 1 per day for a week 113.75 Tsp., 1 bottle per day for 1 Month (28 days) 455 Tsp. — over 4 lbs! Photo Credit: Health Rhodes

by Sarah West Love

June 2, 2016

Health Rhodes Facebook Page shared by my Facebook friend, Robyn Rutan, made this astute and passionate posting on May 23 to their fans:

Health Rhodes said, “Ok. So I hear a lot of people say “I only have 1 coke a day”. Surely that alone can’t derail or halt your fat loss goals right? Well… Yeah. It does. 

“On the left is 1 soda at a whopping 16.25 teaspoons of sugar per 20 oz. bottle. In the middle is 1 week of sodas at 1/day. Yep. That’s over 1 pound of sugar. On the right… 1 month. 455 teaspoons of sugar!!!! Or over 4 lbs. 

“Now. I made a post a couple days ago about how the AVERAGE AMERICAN eats 77lbs of ADDED sugar per year and I’ll bet you plenty of people thought well I’m way below that. Folks, 1 soda/day puts you at around 48lbs of sugar/year. 

“Now add in twinkies, snickers bars,red bull,salad dressing,cookies,cake,BBQ sauce,… You see my point? Sugar is EVERYWHERE! This is all added sugar. No minerals. No vitamins. Just pure sugar guaranteed to send insulin soaring and storing fat like a pack rat. Still can’t lose those last few pounds? Maybe it’s that extra 50lbs of sugar your having every year???”

* * *

Thank you, Health Rhodes, for your wise and loving awakening cry!

I’ll add my cents or sense or scents into this well positioned mix:

I say, “YES, Glory be to thee who points out the Emperor – or, would be Emperor – Has NO CLOTHES!!”

Health Rhodes you so eloquently, kindly scream out: “Maybe it’s that extra 50lbs of sugar your having every year???”

And, I say, Thank you! And, more:

To say nothing of the rest of the very poisonous ingredients in these horrendous, glossy goblets of goo which have made an island in our ocean the size of Texas composed of the plastics rife with vile venom you drink daily whether housing a clear liquid advertised as “water” or, a cute, bubbly, togetherness, sexy, bedible drink sold to you as “soda.”

That drink is contaminated with known hormone altering toxins so your “water” is not “water” and your “soda” is not an innocent frolic in the park in springtime or, an enraptured night life – with friends – laughing, playing, drinking it up like it was merry music to nullify all ills of your human, dualistically obsessed mind.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 3.37.13 AM
Kris Jenner‘s personalized poison, bedazzled bottle of dazzling Die-t Coke. Gawd, materialism sells toxic drinks. Just another Ad campaign to lure you to your demise – a saccharine stupor to lead you closer to the alzheimer’s of you’re destined for with this as your constant companion.

The only ones who win at this game are the ones selling it and being paid to promote it – to you. They only win, not in making it, but in your buying it, consuming it, and then being so addicted to their secret ingredients that they don’t have to disclose The Truth because they bought out, blackmailed, harangued the IRS, the FDA and FDR and IMDB and ETC that you and I will never know who, what, is inside there in theh shineh’ bot-tel, tainted tox’d up aluminum, plastic, pretty glass bedazzled with your personal Kardashian name on it, or not, that makes you, us, crazy for that brown fizzy swamp water that otherwise you wouldn’t be caught dead in. Would you bathe in a tub of Coke? I wonder.

Swamps have their purpose though and they are filled with joyful plants from small to large for animals with big teeth and small to hide in, feast on and dance among. So, that swamp, I like but, not this cooked up coka, jacked up one.

Some die-hards would say, “Yee haw, yeeeuh!”

Not me. I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking it either. At least not the Coke – or, any other tinseled “soda.”

I’m grateful, ever so grateful, to share something personal, that my own mum never set foot in the house with a silver can of anything! Much less an unnatural thing called soda pop, candy to curdle your gut.

Speaking of airy, when was the last time you had a naturally occurring “soda” drink? What if you drank thatinstead? Yet, those rare mineral waters are all bought up and out by the likes of big business like the Cokes of this world. So, forgeeee’d ’bout it! You won’t be getting anywhere near a natural sodafied mineral springs any time soon. Unless, of course, you’re one of the ones who belong to the families that own it. One of the .0000000001% who produce, promote, distribute and collect money for all the poison sold on this Earth which helps to deaden the minds, hearts, souls, bodies and spirit of all who partake of its lovely fantasia – Monsanto for mosquitoes to bees and this flashy human beverage of buffoons.

PHOTO CREDIT: DepositPhoto

Like the moth that flies too close to the light – the light that’s hot and burns – and kills – not the Light that Gives and Enhances, Enlivens, Immortalizes and fills you with Real Love, unending Pure Love. 

Nope, not that kind.

Theirs is a confection – literally and figuratively. Made by man not by Creation (choose the name you prefer) Itself. Glued together. Shorn, separated, extracted, centrifuged, consolidated, churned, mixed, poured, packaged and shipped to your front door tossed into your hand – with the gentlest of shoves to get you to shovel it into your very own body practically without consent because are you even conscious when you partake of this poison? Are you even capable of saying “no” to the almighty RED BOTTLE LABEL that lures you with primal targeting meant for your lower regions sending off bells and whistles of expectant ner’ before experienced level of satiation that you just must imbibe?

The question is: why drink IT at all? The only persons who are benefiting are the owners of the company…. The mass seduction selling poison food, poison behavior, poison beliefs… is obscene, shocking and a far cry from what a living creature actually needs to be HAPPY, HEALTHY and FREE!!

PHOTO CREDIT: The University of Lahore

YOU ARE NOT FREE if you are smoking cigarettes, drinking poison shots of red bull – pardon me, Red Bull (notice the word “bull” the name. That’s a clue), Coke, Pepsi and all other sodas along with many, many, too many other packaged goods.

And, we are not free, if we are isolated into groups which harness their will to the death to defend these ill-making cults of “I can do what I want…”

Spoiled children a great country do not make.

 We isolate ourselves seemingly willingly into cults of cruelty disquised as upholders of Demoncrazy, the “Amercian Way” and all things of Liberty, Justice for all except the ones excluded in the constitution (look it up), and, of course, if you don’t agree, well, then, there goes Democrazy kicking into action and the Liberty of Others is at your will not theirs, so, so much for that Liberty stuff that was never for every body anyway.

Once a slave society, always a slave society. Enslaved or the enslaver. Pick yours and switch at any moment. Wear both hats at the same time even. That’s the American way. Hide those hats, though, behind every glossy lip liner and every vintage or, haute couture tie. Pick your aesthetic: even the Rasta’s have a way with legalizing the possession of women and disconnection of Self through the cult of god substitute.

Disconnection from our Divine Inheritance will always, always, always lead to the narrow hanging rope of rape of another, rape of ourselves, rape of this Earth, rape of anything.

Dominance over women has been going on for a very long time and, I will say quickly and ever so briefly here, the root cause of all the ills in the world. Dominance, entitlement to enslave any human, any creature, any thing, subjugating One to our separate will, and losing all relationship to our Divine Holy Loving Self is what stores up our agony leading us to beat others in one way or another, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. To kill, maim, leave lying in the proverbial dust, is the capitalistic way – unless you have some real alive Love in you. But, really, how does one win with glee while it watches others crash and burn? Where does helping others really fit in in this so-called Democracy which is 1/2 a Social Democracy.

If you have disconnected from your own Source Within You, then, what keeps you from terrorizing your own being at the heart of our rage at the Separation from Self?

‘I’m in the land of the FREE and I (Great BIG “I”) am the MARLBORO MAN!’

‘I am the girl in the ad who’s independent and does what she wants, with whom she wants with all the men fawning all over her! Yes, I can! Yes, I can! And, I will, I will do that thing that harms me because BIG BUSINESS tells me so! Tells me “I am FREE! if I do this!’

I am the boy who receives all the adulation we’ve so longed for from momma and poppa when I drink, drink, drink! am the princess whose dreams all come true with tons of presents when I drink, drink, drink this poison drink!’

‘I am the one who forgets my pain momentarily rife with alternating chemicals overriding my Real Self, my real humanity, my real name, my real pain, my real joy and my very Real Spirit which needs no introduction through inebriation.’

Oh, the sorrow that leads us down this path toward carelessness into the boney arms of cancer. In whose bosom are we seeking solace?

Alcohol, cigarettes, Coke has no milk of the Mother to give. The sucker these shiny leadened things offer are all false straying you further from your inheritance you know is somewhere in the vicinity.

You’ve felt it but it seems to flee just when you’re about to reach it. So, you take in substitutes. Everywhere there are substitutes. Everywhere.

You cannot get an education from a consecutive dose of substitute teachers, can you? No. And, you can’t find, get, hold onto, endure the Love that you seek from intolerable doses of heroin-like substances. Yes, Coke is compared to heroin. You’re seeking a Heroine, though, so, I guess the answer is just add an “e”!

“E” for Energy as Einstein said sounds good to me!

Well, if only it was that easy!

Maybe it is. We have the keys. We hold the lock in our hands, in our heart, in our minds, our Spirit is always FREE therefore seek that source. Though, as we all know well, that is a tricky abode to enter for prostilitizing of such things is, eerily similarly rife with mockery of the True Self, the Independent Spirit and Power of Peace, the Satiation of Silence.

Be as passionate as the ADS! Seduce yourself back to Yourself!! Live with conviction like you see the violent fanatics do! Take up arms! Arms of LOVE!! LOVE with ferocity! LOVE with conviction! Stop slying away from conflict saying, “Oh, I only want to be peaceful. I don’t want any of that negative stuff. I don’t want to get in the middle of it…..” Blah, blah, blah…. snore FEST!

What kind of people made this world a beautiful place for people other than Creation Itself? What kind of passionate people fought for slavery to end (It hadn’t entirely ended – buh, that’s another article)? What kind of people fought for the rights of Women to Vote? What kind of people stand up for the disadvantaged.

We are all the Hero/ine of our Life Story. But, how often does our early programming of giving in to others bigger and stronger, dominant abusers conditioning our Will to give-in, to give-up! To crumble, stumble and fall ?

The grief that lies hidden just below the surface. The iceberg of tears frozen in fear of more loss, more loneliness, more falling from Grace.


We are all the Hero/ine of our Life Story. But, how often does our early programming of giving in to others bigger and stronger, dominant abusers conditioning our Will to give-in, to give-up! To crumble, stumble and fall 

The grief that lies hidden just below the surface. The iceberg of tears frozen in fear of more loss, more loneliness, more falling from Grace.
Snow White’s downfall: the Wicked Witch’s bait: Red Shiny packaging sweetness laced with poison to keep you sleeping, sleeping… sleeping. Don’t wake up! Stay asleep my sheep! Stay asleep so you never rock the Status Quo to and fro!! PHOTO CREDIT:

And, we thought the witch in Snow White was bad. Ensnared by that shiny red globe of fruit, the apple of her eye took her to slumber for all eternity.

Snow White’s downfall: the Wicked Witch’s bait: Red Shiny packaging sweetness laced with poison to keep you sleeping, sleeping… sleeping. Don’t wake up! Stay asleep my sheep! Stay asleep so you never rock the Status Quo to and fro!!

A small slip of that irrepressible primal brain again, doing its due diligence to just procreate and create, eat, sleep and do it all over again in the name of Nature. Well, nature also says, “slow down!”, don’t eat that seduction of saccharin! That’s why we need elders!! Are their any left?? We do. We need them. But, that’s a whole other topic – ripe for my next blog post. Stay tuned….

We, also, need our connection with our own deep down unified crystal clear exquisite fashioned She/He Who Cannot Be Named i.e. your immortal Soul, glorious Spirit enshrined for a time in your precious sacrament of a form.

We are not in the land of the FREE when advertising freely manipulates the primal brain with sexually charged ADs promoting fear of not belonging – terror of being ostracized from your divine right if you don’t “go along with the AD’s advise to inhale, chug, guzzle, consume regularly and with utter abandon the things that poison your mind – your actual BRAIN (see VIDEOS of your Brain on Coke) – your body (we know what these things do to our bodies: lung cancer, liver cancer, bowl cancer, brain cancer…), your emotions (how do you FEEL when your high on chemically doctored addictives added SUGAR?

How do you feel when your “high” on the poison if alcholol? Really? Can you be sensitive to another’s needs? Your own? Can you FEEL your Soul?

And, when you’ve smoked a pack a day or even one or two, how many people want to really be around you? What mindset is calling you to trash your own miraculous ecology called the Human Body?

Failing to launch at every turn, you turn to drug your despair, your rage at yourself for forgoing to fight on, giving up, giving in before you break through.

How much of a handle do you have on your rage? Because smoking the poison air of cigarettes is DEFINATELY making you one or the other in which case Denial is the leader of the day.

“What’s In a Cigarette?

There are approximately 600 ingredients in cigarettes. When burned, they create more than 7,000 chemicals. At least 69 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, and many are poisonous. ” CREDIT:

Many of these chemicals also are found in consumer products, but these products have warning labels. While the public is warned about the danger of the poisons in these products, there is no such warning for the toxins in tobacco smoke.

Here are a few of the chemicals in tobacco smoke and other places they are found:

  • Acetone – found in nail polish remover
  • Acetic Acid –  an ingredient in hair dye
  • Ammonia – a common household cleaner
  • Arsenic – used in rat poison
  • Benzene – found in rubber cement
  • Butane – used in lighter fluid
  • Cadmium – active component in battery acid
  • Carbon Monoxide – released in car exhaust fumes
  • Formaldehyde – embalming fluid
  • Hexamine – found in barbecue lighter fluid
  • Lead – used in batteries
  • Naphthalene – an ingredient in mothballs
  • Methanol – a main component in rocket fuel
  • Nicotine – used as insecticide
  • Tar – material for paving roads
  • Toluene – used to manufacture paint

Cigarette ingredient INFORMATION CREDIT:

We have to be in denial – terrible, terrible tribal denial in order to do any of these things, all of these things.

We are pawns – suckers – to the powers that be. We are simply the easily seduced briefly innocent enough to forgo all common sense, all decency, all sense of self preservation, and all senses of our Soul and Spirit that give us Life!

Succumbing to Coke’s campaigns, and the like, we reduce ourselves to very, very small pieces of garbage with the ability only to reach into our shallow or, deep pockets in order to hand our cash – or, anything else that’s the going exchange commodity, for a measly piece of known, scientifically proven poison that we will consume as if if was water to a dying man in the desert!

And, we wonder why the Trumpster is having any hayday in the criminal, fixed polls? Because he’s paid for by the same system that SELLS you, us the fear-based toxic commercials who make billions on our willing participation, even gleeful inundation, of baffonery.

Where are we responsible for this world we live in? If you buy the products that are sold on the TV that pushes the idocy of humanity, then who is not culpable?

If we watch the insanity of toxic charades/parades that move across “The monkey box” – as my wise Mother calls it (she used to hide the TV up in the attic when my siblings we little – more on that later. She knew it was trash then and part of TV/movies is still trash. And, some of these programs are Illuminated Gifts to inspire, awaken, enliven and transform!

There are great writers who make shows that comment on our crazy society and some of those shows have the ability to transform human consciousness while watching it.

More power to them. However, if they are not transforming you, uplifting you, showing you yourself where you are blind and know you see and showing you yourself where you are beautiful, enlightened and reminding you that you yourself has the capacity to uplift, awaken and transform yourself and your fellow creatures, then, for goodness sake, turn it off!

Don’t promote the bad seed(s)!

Why keep plugged in to the Circus of Insanity?

Why help pay for air time of narcissists whose psycho, belligerent, bigoted, racist rants prove over and over again that greedy, selfishly minded megalomaniacs run the world?

Let’s prove them wrong!

Or, let’s just prove to ourselves that we are worthy. That we are not sheeple. That we own our own minds. That we are not possessed by Big Media’s and Big Pharma’s agendas to the point of losing our own Divine One.

Stop giving power to the power-brokers. Stop lighting up Wall Street with your constant need for being in the in crowd purchasing whatever they are selling. Stop forsaking all others, and yourself, for a plasticized sense of belonging to a plastic crowd of poisoned, spineless Coke and Marlboro narks who masquerade as your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and government officials – and, maybe, even your family members, who wouldn’t stand up for you – or, what’s right if their life depended on it because they are utterly bought and sold by the conditioning to be of the Status Quo, for the Status Quo and prosthelytize the Status Quo thoughno Status Quo member will ever, ever, actually, defend, feed, nourish, stand-up for, house or love you – only long enough to seduce you and the next guy or gal or community or country or, world. Stop being that, too! Become You!

They will only do one favor for you: to bury you, gladly, or, just leave you dying amidst their stone, cold heart till they turn on one foot moving on to the next mark of suckers to whom they will sell their laced snake oil and reap the financial and greedy rewards that can only come from poison pocketed intent.  

Save the race and STAND UP for yourself!

Stand UP for Life, for Love, for Liberty, Truth that can only come through Humility.

Not a weak, self-effacing false ego-driven fake humility rather, 
real humility that comes through your connection with your Divine Self,
your Holy Heart and your Precious Poised
in Eternity’s Palm resting peacefully, nourished by Home,
Touched by Timelessness,
Embedded with Abiding Empathy
for all that Lives
and All That Is.

© 2016 Sarah West. All Rights Reserved. Aka Sarah West Love • Enjoy deep relaxation, enhanced sleep, expanded creativity with Celestial Mystical Opera – Voice of Eternity


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Published by Saralina Love aka Sarah West Love "She is Divine!" –Wayne Dyer, author • Ms. Love is an award winning film soundtrack composer. She creates haunting soundscapes leaving her audience with indelible impressions of peace and transcendence of the human spirit!

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