What Effect is Atlas’ Shrug?s

by Saralina Love

August 19th, 2016

To The Atlas Society & other thinkers:

So now what?

I think most people are basically good and want to do good. But, perhaps its getting harder to be that for some of those “mosts.” Increasingly, more narcissists are in the world running more than just countries but many of the corporations that are blind to morality in every way willing destroy the earth & all its creatures in order to make a buck or a billion. The reality is: most religions are patriarchal built on perpetuating oppression fiercely with the punishment of death as its most extreme enforcer. Christianity is no different throughout history.

Religions are co-opted by people of power – people who have taken power – and they have used, use now and will use any dogma what-so-ever that people are attracted to, attached to and addicted to in order to poison the consciousness of human beings and teach them to perpetuate their punishment techniques if anyone tries to or gets out of line of the status quo’s selfish agendas.

We know the Catholic Church and the Spanish Inquisition, and the like, killed over millions of people for over 800 years of nightmare, terrifying, terrorizing raids on innocent, free-thinking people. The numbers of innocent women gifted in ancient knowledge of plant medicine, immaculately skilled midwifery, necessary hygiene – we take all of these for granted – and so much more – and many men who stood by their side were killed and tortured calling them “witches” in Europe, this country and anywhere else is hard to pin down. The numbers vary depending on whose research you read. Some Christianity monikered imposters still perpetuate strong patriarchal, malevolent values and various brain-washing techniques to oppress women and keep them underneath and subservient to men. This is real and this is now and this is here in the U.S. of A. Nine million has been the number estimated by the immaculate records are kept in the Vatican vaults and other obscenely monied “spiritual” institutions detailing the murders of these innocents by the Catholic Church.

This country was founded by terrorists who murdered the First Nations people of this country mercilessly and destroyed their way of life for those remaining. Having said all this… I hesitate to venture into the next territory here but I will try.

Its hard to put words to. I am stunned by the all out backing from anybody who equals our supposed basic rights of “Freedom of Religion” to those rights or “laws” – very human, Man-made laws – you The Atlas Society state above about the fascist nature of Islam texts. I haven’t read the texts so, I don’t know. But, I can say that I for one, strongly believe that no child – anywhere – should be made to wear a head covering in a “FREE” country – or, anywhere. If an adult chooses that, then so be it. But a child? No way. That’s not freedom. Clothes are one thing. Our sexuality is a huge issue of control in religions and they – those interested in using any religion to repress, suppress and oppress – don’t like naked people for all sorts of reasons and I won’t go into that. But, something on a child’s head that prevents them from doing very normal things. No, that disturbs my innate sense of protection of a child who deserves freedom at the get go. Why build in these oppressions into a child so early and only a girl? So, they can continue to be slaves of the men? Yes. Period. End of Story. Beginning. Middle and End.

My heart breaks for this world, this earth and all its innocent and not-so-innocent creatures brilliant and ignorant and everything in between. What have we done? What are we doing? Really? Do we really care? What do we really care about?

What belief are we willing to let go of in order to value life itself – everywhere? Our fellow human beings?

I don’t fully understand Ayn Rand’s philosophy. I can’t since I haven’t read any of it. I’ve only heard of her over the years and heard every sort of perspective on her. But, I did listen to all of this radio recording. Though I find what she says sort of contradictory, I also find her utterly, magnificently brilliant and so strong and so deeply fierce. I love that about her. What she was fighting for – what she was really trying to tell people – what her complete solutions were, I do not comprehend from this brief 25 minute manifesto chapter.

I did hear her say something that stunned me and woke me up and perplexed me that I really liked and not-so-sure I like:

She says something about men (always men) who are altruistic are bad because they become slaves and are USED by the younger ones to help them experience joy, pleasure, freedom that the GIVERS are not aloud to have for themselves. Then, when those receivers RECEIVE, they themselves become the sacrificial givers, sacrificial lambs and have to shirk off receiving and die without joy, freedom and self-fulfillment. Everyone ends up being used as well like those before them.

I know i’ve put my own words here. I am obviously not quoting her. I’m using my own limited language trying to comprehend what she was saying.

This point she makes I find utterly fascinating. She, of course, is so right (I know many can’t relate but I can) in this fact and for someone to have stated it back then on the frigging radio so concisely, precisely and out-rightly, I am amazed.

I feel her history as a child who grew up under communist rule through ever utterance she makes. She really speaks from the power of defiance of such over-lordship. And, she speaks from its terrorizing effect as well.

I think these points she makes, whether you agree with the details or not, her over-arching revelations are worth considering if one has the palette to sift through it.

That’s a challenge and it takes brain power. At least for me. I really don’t know what’s true about the people she speaks about. JFK, etc. I wasn’t there. She was there! She heard their speeches, etc. I only read what people want me to read in the history books – that is what’s available. I don’t know what happened behind closed doors.

I don’t know if there is or has been any politician who cared about the well-being and true freedom of other human beings other than to cloak and dagger the situation, distort, distract and deny in order to keep the slave population enslaved, disempowered and impoverished keeping the .0001% in kingly estate.

Politicians are just animated mannequins most of the time except those like G.W.B I. But, what do I know? I’m only a humble small soul in the sea of an vastly over-populated world. Just one of the billions of minds, billions of Souls, billions of Spirits expressing as human beings thinking, feeling, dreaming, breathing for a life of happiness that seems ever in the distance gone when I wake from a beautiful or troubled sleep into the nightmare of life on earth in our current state of ubiquitous terror of all shapes and sizes which are born and bread right here at home on this soil and in this house and even some are the very fruits of my own mother’s womb.

Terrorists live among us. Our neighbors, our cities and in our very own families. I know because my own family members are terrorists. They abuse my mother and have terrorized her for 7 years since my father’s passing in 2009.

So, now what? How do I believe in any kind of freedom on this earth as a human being when there has been not one person to stop the terrorists we live with every single day right here?

No wonder humans turn so completely to religion when life on earth is so completely hopeless. When there is no hero or heroine to be found in anyone. When violence rules and seems never to be punished.

This is why we created religions. To raise us out of the hell hole of mortal terror, enslavement, torture and murder we cannot bare. Our human psyche cannot bare such atrocities so we either become the crazies or we turn to what we call a higher power to escape the pain.

Only the crazies, the narcissists, the pedophiles, the psychopaths, the sociopaths, the megalomaniacs all have hijacked those spiritual truths to create their own manifestos of seduction luring the broken, the lost, the despairing, the dying, the hopeful into their lair of pain through shame, guilt, repression, oppression mind-control with just the spark of that high people call “spiritual” all in the name of God, Allah, Buddha sometimes even, Shiva, Ram, Yaway and many others have been stolen or consciously created to build an indoctrination method more inescapable than Alcatraz whose real intentions are more inpenetrible than Fort Knox.

Whether you can’t get in or out, it doesn’t really matter. Its all a trap.

The war of war is still a war.

So, fellow humans, now what?

PS: The reality is is that we are all contradictions. And, most we don’t – as a culture – have the maturity to understand how to truly manage these contradictions.

I feel deeply in my heart the struggled that other cultures are going through to hold on to what is beautiful and good in their societies in a world where the infection of capitalism seems inevitable and is unwanted by some. I whole-heartedly relate.

Since when did capitalism die and become God?

Why is capitalism king?

The truth is, its not. Its not king nor queen nor any other monarch but some people – many people – have made it so – for obvious reasons.

Capitalism is the new black. Capitalism is the new religion. And, it doesn’t serve everyone. It can’t. Because its built on the concept of someone – a lot of someone’s – doing all the labor to procure the whims of the elitist(s) on the top of the food chain.

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