My Office Set Up Today!

By Saralina Love • 17 June 2021, Thursday Dear Friendlies, Today I’m sweating — uh, glistening — in a thin two-layered summer dress with brown polka dotted patterns in a sea of tan. Who’s idea was it to wear a pretty dress to the park for a walk and picnic and work sesh? Uh, mine, I guess. Gotta lerk pertayContinue reading “My Office Set Up Today!”


The ERA died in Virginia

by Saralina Love February 23, 2019 Watch my full @cnn interview on #marianne2020 #Repost @mariannewilliamson on Instagram Women have been screwed for millennium and we’ve allowed it. The difference is now as there are people speaking out and its somewhat safer to speak out – maybe – maybe not – with social media atContinue reading “The ERA died in Virginia”

What Effect is Atlas’ Shrug?s

by Saralina Love August 19th, 2016 To The Atlas Society & other thinkers: So now what? I think most people are basically good and want to do good. But, perhaps its getting harder to be that for some of those “mosts.” Increasingly, more narcissists are in the world running more than just countries but many ofContinue reading “What Effect is Atlas’ Shrug?s”

During the Reign of War, what Remains of You?

The Reign of War on a Happy Summer Solstice? Where the Sun is high while we sleep in denial of the Rain of War. by Saralina Love aka Sarah West Love / Sarah West June 21st, 2016 “I ain’t draft dodging. I ain’t burning no flag. I ain’t running to Canada. I’m staying right here.Continue reading “During the Reign of War, what Remains of You?”