by Sarah West Love April 24, 2016 Be BRAVE, my sweet soul, humble and hunker down into the great white silence. Unfurl into the deep, black void where Home awaits you. Listen only to the space inside thy breath. Dear is thy infinite heart beating to express immortality on Earth. This great mystery of veilingContinue reading ““LOVING AN ANGEL””


Infinitely Polar Bear: Decidedly Luke-Warm ‘Till the End

Infinitely Polar Bear movie starring Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana Film Review by Saralina Love aka Sarah West Love / Sarah West August 1st, 2015 “The movie Infinitely Polar Bear is a script-rewrite of the past with acts of emancipation!” – Saralina Love, review I’m writing in my underwear drawer. What once was my underwear drawer. Its oneContinue reading “Infinitely Polar Bear: Decidedly Luke-Warm ‘Till the End”