What Effect is Atlas’ Shrug?

by Sarah West Love August 19th, 2016 To The Atlas Society & other thinkers: So now what? I think most people are basically good and want to do good. But, perhaps its getting harder to be that for some of those “mosts.” Increasingly, more narcissists are in the world running more than just countries but manyContinue reading “What Effect is Atlas’ Shrug?”


by Sarah West Love April 24, 2016 Be BRAVE, my sweet soul, humble and hunker down into the great white silence. Unfurl into the deep, black void where Home awaits you. Listen only to the space inside thy breath. Dear is thy infinite heart beating to express immortality on Earth. This great mystery of veilingContinue reading ““LOVING AN ANGEL””

To Kill A Watchman: a book review of Harper Lee’s “Go Set A Watchman”

by Sarah West Love July 7th, 2015 • a few days before Harper Lee’s last book was released just before she passed away “Shutting away of a story because of not wanting a character to change and become seen in a very, very human light (funny antonym) with the flaws they most fear is aContinue reading “To Kill A Watchman: a book review of Harper Lee’s “Go Set A Watchman””