The ERA died in Virginia

by Saralina Love

February 23, 2019

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Women have been screwed for millennium and we’ve allowed it. The difference is now as there are people speaking out and its somewhat safer to speak out – maybe – maybe not – with social media at the helm of as the greatest tool for communication ever – and so the couch sitters – some of them are, finally off the couch, and those who’ve always spoken up have more on the team.

Its all about strength in numbers. Numbers and smart tactics are what win over tyranny. Women have felt beaten down because no one supported them before. My mother was beaten down and she took charge only by moving on with her life to do something powerful for others though no one helped her.

Women supporting each other is still somewhat of an anomaly. Women are taught to judge and hold court over other women just as men do over women…. the tyrant within is real.

Women have power trips just like men. How deeply ironic. Here we are apparently fighting for equal rights, fighting for justice and we cant even treat each other with respect.

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