My Office Set Up Today!

By Saralina Love • 17 June 2021, Thursday Dear Friendlies, Today I’m sweating — uh, glistening — in a thin two-layered summer dress with brown polka dotted patterns in a sea of tan. Who’s idea was it to wear a pretty dress to the park for a walk and picnic and work sesh? Uh, mine, I guess. Gotta lerk pertayContinue reading “My Office Set Up Today!”

Your Body on Coke – Do you really want to “Taste the Feeling”?

Coca-Cola sugar content for: 1 bottle 16.25 Tsp., 1 per day for a week 113.75 Tsp., 1 bottle per day for 1 Month (28 days) 455 Tsp. — over 4 lbs! Photo Credit: Health Rhodes by Sarah West Love June 2, 2016 Health Rhodes Facebook Page shared by my Facebook friend, Robyn Rutan, made this astute and passionate postingContinue reading “Your Body on Coke – Do you really want to “Taste the Feeling”?”