My Office Set Up Today!

By Saralina Love • 17 June 2021, Thursday Dear Friendlies, Today I’m sweating — uh, glistening — in a thin two-layered summer dress with brown polka dotted patterns in a sea of tan. Who’s idea was it to wear a pretty dress to the park for a walk and picnic and work sesh? Uh, mine, I guess. Gotta lerk pertayContinue reading “My Office Set Up Today!”


Your Body on Coke – Do you really want to “Taste the Feeling”?

Coca-Cola sugar content for: 1 bottle 16.25 Tsp., 1 per day for a week 113.75 Tsp., 1 bottle per day for 1 Month (28 days) 455 Tsp. — over 4 lbs! Photo Credit: Health Rhodes by Saralina Love aka Sarah West Love /Sarah West June 2, 2016 Health Rhodes Facebook Page shared by my Facebook friend, Robyn Rutan, madeContinue reading “Your Body on Coke – Do you really want to “Taste the Feeling”?”